Canrix sets industry standards for unmatched professionalism by providing first-class service to every customer during every visit. With many years of comprehensive cannabis knowledge, our highly-trained staff guide our clients by actively acknowledging the combination of health conditions being treated, preferred consumption methods, prescription medications, and lifestyle choices that affect the outcome of the cannabis therapy being pursued. We then take you on a guided tour of our retail outlet and focus on the department that best meets your needs.

Each department features custom-made, interior-lit cases with pricing, dosing, and Licensed Producer information for each product. Our flowers are presented with displays, indicating the strain name, cannabis type (Indica, Sativa or hybrid), as well as each strain’s cannabinoid testing results. Rather than select medicine from the large, communal jars that are customary within the industry, we opt for small, strain-specific sample jars that remain with our caregivers. You are able to inspect each product for smell, density, and other quality factors, select your medicine, and have it delivered from our sanitary processing area, where gloved hands have personally weighed your product into neatly labelled, tamper-proof, child-resistant containers.

With the sole purpose of customer-centered care, we strive to enhance and improve the health and well-being of every person we serve. We achieve this by assessing customer needs, providing resources and information, and working tirelessly until we find the right solution for each client and for each and every ailment.

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