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    Either give us a call, send us an e-mail, or fill out our online form which allows us to evaluate whether or not your condition(s) qualifies to receive medical marijuana as treatment.

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    Book an Appointment

    A member of our team will contact you to have a discussion regarding your medical history, supplemental documentation and to book an appointment.In the meantime, gather any relevant medical documents you have on file or request a letter of diagnosis and treatment history from your doctor. You’ll need to provide a full diagnosis of your condition(s) along with a detailed treatment history describing all previous prescriptions and therapies you have tried with the doctor during your appointment.

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    Medical Assessment

    On the day of your appointment, you will come into our office and meet with an Canrix physician to be evaluated and, if the doctor deems eligible, obtain your MMPR prescription. During your appointment the doctor will review your condition, your treatment history, and discuss treatment options with medical marijuana. The doctor will determine the appropriate dosage for your condition and sign your legal medical marijuana prescription which we will then forward to your Licensed Producer the same day in order to ensure the quickest patient processing.

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    Cannabis Counselling

    After you receive your prescription one of our friendly cannabis consultants will meet with you one-on-one to discuss cannabinoids, safety, legality, strain selection, consumption methods and any other questions/comments that you may have.

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    We’re serious about what we do here and in order to provide the best patient care available, it’s imperative that patients come back in to see us and discuss their new medical marijuana treatment plan. Ideally, we’d like to follow-up after the first month then once every three months (or as necessary) thereafter until we have identified an effective, individualized therapeutic plan.

Supporting Medical Documents

Why is supporting medical documentation beneficial?

Canrix Cannabis Clinic physicians specialize in medical marijuana, and similar to other specialists that require a referral from a general physician prior to your visit, our physicians require documentation showing that you have visited your doctor or local walk-in clinic at least once before regarding your condition(s) and illness(es), prior to your Canrix Cannabinoid Clinic consultation.

What type of medical documentation is accepted?

  • Clinical Notes from a previous visit
  • A diagnosis of your illness
  • Symptom/ailment report
  • A CT Scan, X-Ray, or MRI indicating your injury(s)
  • Record of previous doctors visit
  • A letter from your family doctor explaining your illness
  • Proof of Government Assisted Disability
  • A statement of disability from Health Canada

For common conditions such as chronic pain, trouble sleeping, or a low appetite, a copy of the clinical notes taken by your physician or walk in clinic after your visit would be the simplest form medical documentation. It is common for patients to request a copy of the clinical notes for their own personal records of medical history.

Is medical documentation difficult to acquire?

No, medical documentation can simply be requested from your current doctor, as it is common for patients to request a copy of their clinical notes for their own personal records. If you currently do not have a doctor, you can easily visit your local walk-in clinic regarding your symptoms or condition and request a copy of the clinical notes of your visit.

Do I need a referral from my family doctor?

No, you do not need consent or a referral from your family doctor in order to see one of our physicians. In fact, you are not obligated to disclose your intent to use cannabis when reporting your symptoms or requesting documentation. You can request a copy of your medical documents for your personal records and your doctor must comply by law.

Patient Access to Records

Patients have a right of access to their personal health information that is in the custody or under the control of a health information custodian (HIC), including any information that has been stamped or indicated as confidential, unless an exception applies.

Physicians cannot refuse to grant a patient access to their records for the purpose of avoiding a legal proceeding.

If a physician has refused a patient access to his or her record, the patient is entitled to make a complaint to the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) under subsection 54(8) of Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA).

(Reference: College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, http://www.cpso.on.ca/Policies-Publications/Policy/Medical-Records).

How do I submit my documentation?

If you have not yet applied and you have your documentation, you can upload your documentation along with your application. If you’ve already completed a patient application form you do not need to resubmit a new application. Either e-mail your medical documentation to us at info@canrix.com or use our secure fax line 1-(844) 655-2288. Be sure to include your first name and last name in the subject heading along with the title “Medical Documents”.

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